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Homework Policy

We have developed a homework policy that is intended to assist students in developing good study habits, a positive attitude toward learning, and provide students with enriching activities and practice of classroom learnings; while at the same time recognizing that our students are involved in a variety of important out-of-school activities which also assist them to develop into well-rounded, productive adults.


Homework is any assignment given by the teacher to be done outside of the classroom, and may include special reports, projects, reading, skill practice, studying for tests, and completion of unfinished classroom assignments.

 Time Guidelines (On average)  

Kindergarten — 15-30 minutes per day; 4 days per week.

1st – 3rd Grade — 30-60 minutes per day; 4 days per week.

4th – 6th Grade — 45-60 minutes per day; 4 days per week.


1. To aid in the development of responsibility, study habits, independence, time management and accountability.

2. To foster a healthy attitude toward school and learning.

3. To provide enriching activities and practice of classroom learnings.

4. To enhance home-school communication.


• Homework should be based on grade level curriculum.

• Homework should follow suggested time guidelines.

• Homework should be based on resources which are or can be reasonably available to students.

• Homework expectations should be communicated to parents at Back-To-School Night, during parent conferences, and as needed.

• Reproduced materials should be easy to read.

• Explanations and directions should be given during class time.

• To teach responsibility, teachers may encourage students to record homework assignments.

• Teachers should informally evaluate homework assignments, and provide some knowledge of results.

• Teachers should hold students accountable for homework in a manner consistent with the age and maturity level of the child.

• Homework should not introduce new concepts.

• Homework should not be given as a punishment.

• Homework should be success oriented.



• Become acquainted with the homework requirements of your child’s class by attending Back-To-School Night and parent conferences.

• Provide a specific, quiet place for your child to do homework.

• Set aside sufficient and regular time for your child to do homework.

• Remind your child to do his/her homework assignments.

• Assist your child by clarifying directions, but not by completing their assignments.

• Check to see homework is completed and placed in a specific location for return to school.

• Take a positive attitude towards homework and its importance.

• Support and assist your child in managing time with long term assignments.

• Communicate any concerns regarding homework to your child’s teacher.

• Contact your child’s teacher if your child regularly exceeds the stated time guidelines.



  Before students leave the classroom at the end of the school day, they should:

• Understand what the homework assignment is and how to do it.

• Know when the assignment is due.

• Take all needed materials and homework assignment papers home.

At home, students should:

• Set aside sufficient time to do their homework.

• Set up a specific, quiet place to do homework without distraction.

In completing assignments, students should:

• Give an honest effort on all assignments.

• Place homework with other school materials in a specific location and remember to take it to school when it is due.

• Assume responsibility for making up missed homework assignments.