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Arrival & Dismissal


Please be aware that there is a crossing guard on duty before school at Vallejo and 22nd Street.  Please walk with your children to ensure that they are getting to school safely.

Drop-offs should be made no earlier than 7:55 a.m.  Please note that there is no supervision prior to 7:55 a.m. when the gates open.

  • When entering the east lot, please pull up as far as possible along the curb to keep traffic flowing. 
  • Have your child ready to exit the passenger side of the car next to the curb. Please give your hugs before getting in the car and coming to school. so that the driver can stay in the car.
  • Please remember that if you are in the drop-off line, you must remain in the car at all times. This area has a red curb and is not to be used as a parking space.
  •  The blue handicap crosswalk in front of the office is not a regular crosswalk.  It is meant for patrons who park in the handicap spaces.

You may PARK in a DESIGNATED PARKING SPACE in the east parking lot and then walk your child to the front gate.

  • If you choose to park and walk from the east parking lot, please accompany your child at all times.
  • The DROP-OFF AREA in the front parking lot is for BUSSES ONLY.  
  • Please drop off/pick up your children in the east lot which is reserved for vehicles.

Please DO NOT drop your child off on the curb in front of the school. If you do this it means they would have to cross in front of cars and busses to reach the front steps.

Due to the traffic congestion on the street and in the driveways, you might consider leaving your home 5-10 minutes earlier to arrive at school on time. Please note that the gates will close promptly at the 8:15 a.m. bell.

We are also asking that you be considerate of our neighbors as you you take your children to and from school. Please keep all driveways clear. Neighbors would also appreciate us encouraging our students to remain on the sidewalks while walking past yards. Thank you!


Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders may ride their bicycles to school. Bike riders must have a signed bicycle permission slip from their teacher. After studying, they may take a test on the bicycle safety rules. If they pass, a bicycle permit will be issued to the student. Parents should know the school bicycle safety rules, and discuss and reinforce those rules with their student bike riders. Continual disregard for bicycle safety rules will result in the denial of the privilege of riding the bicycle to school.


Pedestrians are to use crosswalks and follow safe walking procedures on the way to and from school. Students are to show respect for property on the way to and from school. Students are encouraged to use corners where there are crossing guards and follow the directions of the crossing guards at all times.


  1. Transitional-kindergarten and Kindergarten students will exit from the Kindergarten gate.
  2. Bus riders will exit from the front gate and line up to wait for their bus in front of the school.
  3. Students walking home to the west will exit from the front gate and walk on the sidewalk.
  4. Students walking to the east will exit from the east ramp gate and walk along the  sidewalk. Students will wait to cross the street/driveway by the teacher on duty.
  5. Please DO NOT MAKE A LEFT TURN from 22nd Street into the east lot at dismissal. Please approach the school from the east and take your turn in line.  


  1. U-turns and left turns out of both parking lots are prohibited.
  2. Drive at safe speeds. 25 mph on the street when children are present and 5-mph in driveways and parking lots.
  3. Drop your children in designated areas only.
  4. Dogs (regardless of size or personality) are not allowed on campus.
  5. Please be patient in our parking lots!  When over 600 students arrive or leave, it will take some time and cooperation. If everyone follows the above guidelines, the drop-off and pick-up process will run more smoothly, and more importantly, our students will be safe.